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School of Biomedical Engineering - Candidate visit: Dr. Marco Quarta

February 22, 2018 - 11:00am

Biomedical Research Centre

2222 Health Sciences Mall


Regenerative Bioengineering - Artificial niches, Reconstructive tissue engineering and Rejuvenative medicine
Dr. Marco Quarta
Senior Research Scientist, Stanford University School of Medicine, California USA
UBC School of Biomedical Engineering

As we age, our body fails to perform and heal properly, and eventually decays. Regenerative medicine aims to replace or regenerate human cells, tissues or organs to restore normal function. In this seminar, a novel bioengineered system approach that utilizes stem cell properties in order to regenerate and rejuvenate efficiently will be presented. This approach can be applied to individual cells or to the entire body. Combining stem cell biology, material science, machine learning and genomics, the microenvironment, or niche, of adult stem cells (such as muscle stem cells) can be mimicked in order to improve their efficacy, like in cell therapy and transplantation. These methods will be discussed. Extending this approach of “artificial niches” to a larger scale, permanently compromised muscle can be reconstructed from a function and structure standpoint. Dr. Quarta’s investigations support muscle regeneration in the context of volumetric muscle loss, dystrophies or sarcopenia (the age-related progressive loss of muscle mass). The presentation will be concluded by discussing strategies such as epigenetic reprogramming to rejuvenate aged stem cells, which can be combined with reconstructive tissue engineering to advance translational applications of stem cell bioengineering.   

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