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CrashPlan Backup


CrashPlan Backup Services

An easy to use cross-platform backup software allowing you to easily backup and restore your data quickly and securely using 448-bit encryption.  This software is available to all MSL faculty, staff, researchers, and students. This allows you to securely back up to our MSL CrashPlanPROe Server ( located in the CHiBi server room within the School of Population and Public Health (SPPH) building.

Additionally, you may also add a local backup destination such as USB/Firewire external hard drive.  Both options allow you to additionally set a personal password to restrict viewing and restoration of your files under the Settings->Security section.  See User Guides for more information. Recent changes to licensing now allow MSL and CHiBi CrashPlanPROe users to back up to 4 devices.

Account Setup:

Please contact MSL IT to ensure you are registered.

Web Console:

You can easily check the status of your backups, restore files, and/or get a reporting of your various backup devices. Simply visit: and login using your MSL login credentials.

Client Installers:

With CrashPlan, we now have two different versions of the client installer. One is the traditional graphical user interface (gui) and the other is a more modern gui. 

4.8.1 CrashPlan Desktop App

Server version 5.4.1 of the Code42 CrashPlan platform includes version 4.8.1 of the CrashPlan app. To download the CrashPlan app individually, select your operating system: 

Mobile Apps

The CrashPlan mobile app is not included in the Code42 platform installer, but the latest version is available directly from your device's app store:

Help & Documentation:

4.8.1 CrashPlan Desktop Client AppTuning Your Backups