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Warehouse File Services

Warehouse is the name of our central secure file server.  Every MSL faculty, staff, and student is encouraged to use this free service to store shared lab research data.  Crashplan backups your Desktop data but Warehouse allows you to easily share data within your lab. Easily access your lab's shared data on and off campus via the Internet.

Account Setup: Contact MSL IT
User Guides:

Storage Quotas:

  • Faculty - 150GB
  • Staff - 150GB
  • Researcher/Student - 100GB

Note:  We are in the process of replacing Warehouse with a new service called Collab.  Collab expands file sharing capabilities of Warehouse with support for file revisions, metadata, web collaboration, and mobile device support.  Please refer to our Projects section for more information on this service and any other services we have in development.

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