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Mailings Lists


A mailing list is a popular and easy way for groups to share information via email. Mailing lists can be moderated or unmoderated, and subscribing to/from lists is simple.

Mailing lists are most effective when there are many subscribers - if you only need a small list, you are probably better off sending an email to multiple recipients. However, if you want to email more than a few people and/or the number of recipients will potentially grow, a mailing list is a useful tool.

For more information on UBC Mailing Lists, please visit UBC IT:

Please contact MSL Adminstration if you want to be added or removed from a particular mailing list. 

MSL Mailing Lists

Email AddressRecipient PolicyPurposeSender Policy
msl-admin@lists.ubc.caAdmin StaffAdmin Staff AnnouncementsAdmin Staff
msl-all@lists.ubc.caFaculty, Staff, and ResearchersDepartment AnnoucementsAdmin Staff
msl-aspiredb@msl.ubc.caAspireDB Application Support GroupAspireDB Support RequestsPublic
msl-bioinformatics@msl.ubc.caBioinformaticiansBionformaticians Discussion ListRecipients
msl-erminej@msl.ubc.caErmineJ Application Support GroupErmineJ Application Support RequestsPublic
msl-ext-seminars@lists.ubc.caExternal Departmental AdminsAdvertising MSL Seminars AnnouncementsAdmin Staff
msl-faculty@lists.ubc.caFaculty OnlyFaculty to Faculty AnnouncementsFaculty
msl-faculty-admin@lists.ubc.caFaculty List for AdminsAdmin Staff Contacting FacultyAdmin Staff
msl-gemma@msl.ubc.caGemma Application Support GroupGemma Support RequestsPublic
msl-gotrack@msl.ubc.caGoTrack Application Support GroupGoTrack Support RequestsPublic
msl-itsupport@lists.ubc.caIT SupportEveryone Contacting MSL ITPublic
msl-labmanagers@lists.ubc.caLab Managers OnlyAdmin Staff Contacting Lab ManagersAdmin Staff
msl-pcard@lists.ubc.caPCARD Holders OnlyFinance Staff Contacting PCARD HoldersFinance Staff
msl-safety@lists.ubc.caSafety Committee Members OnlySafety Committee Discussion ListSafety Committee
msl-seminars@lists.ubc.caFaculty, Researchers, Students, and StaffMSL Seminar AnnouncementsAdmin Staff