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Network Access


Network Access

Wired Network (Green Wall Ports)

You must first register your computer (ie: laptop) with MSL IT.  You can stop by our office in room 227 with your computer or email us the MAC address of your network adaptor.  If you are unsure how to find out your MAC address please refer to this online tutorial.  Once registered you simply plug-in your computer using a network cable into any of the green labeled ports on the wall.  We can provide you with a cable if you need one. 

Note: Ports without a green label are not active and will not work.

Wireless Network (Wi-Fi)

There are two wireless networks on campus we recommend to use. 

  • UBCSECURE - available for all faculty, staff, or students requiring a Campus Wide Login (CWL). 
  • UBCVISITOR - Visitors to the campus who are not guests of UBC faculty or staff can use our visitor network for light web browsing at no charge.
  • EDUROAMThe "eduroam" network is a collaborative network that provides students, staff and faculty roaming wireless access at partner institutions

Android Devices: 
iPhone/iTouch/iPad Devices: 


Remote Access (VPN):

Option1: myVPN (Cisco AnyConnect) - Faculty, students, and Staff 

  • Requires a Campus Wide Login (CWL)
  • UBC Library e-Resource Access -  EZProxy required
  • Supported Devices - MacOSX, Windows, Android, and iOS
  • Eligibility - All UBC faculty, students, and staff

Using this option, you still need to use the UBC Library's EZProxy.  Please visit the UBC Library website for complete instructions:

For setting up the myVPN (Cisco AnyConnect) client, please visit UBC IT's myVPN:

Option 2: MSL VPN (aka OpenVPN)

  • Requires a Campus Wide Login (CWL)
  • UBC Library e-Resource Access - EZProxy not-required
  • Supported Devices - MacOSX and Windows
  • Eligibility - CHiBi or MSL Researchers

For more information please visit our OpenVPN subsection.