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NSERC funds High-Dimensional Bioinformatics graduate training program

May 22, 2015
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NSERC has awarded a CREATE grant to professor, Dr. Paul Pavlidis, to fund a High-Dimensional Bioinformatics graduate training program.  The Collaborative Research and Training Experience (CREATE) program is designed to improve the mentoring and training environment for graduate students to prepare them for the academic, industrial and government jobs that they will hold once they have received their graduate degree.

Technological innovation has given scientists unprecedented ability to gather and analyze quantities of data. Experts who can organize, visualize, analyze and interpret these large data sets are in high demand in industry and academia; this requires skills in data mining, data modelling, statistical hypothesis testing as well as multidisciplinary training in genetics and genomics. The HDB program is a partnership between UBC and Simon Fraser University and will provide training in collaborative research, professional skills and entrepreneurship to graduates.

“We’re thrilled NSERC is supporting this new bioinformatics graduate training program. One of the most exciting features is our internship program where students will spend a summer outside their primary research lab, working with data-generating groups in academia or industry. This experience will help our trainees come out of the program better prepared for the challenges and opportunities of being a bioinformatician in the real world,” said Dr. Pavlidis.

See the announcement at UBC News here.