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MISSION shRNA Libraries

MISSION shRNA Libraries

MISSIONTM shRNA libraries

The University of British Columbia has recently acquired Sigma’s MISSION shRNA human and mouse whole-genome TRC shRNA libraries that consist of almost 200,000 pre-cloned shRNA vectors targeting more than 22,000 human and 20,000 mouse genes. The MISSION shRNA human and mouse libraries provided by Sigma Life Science and The RNAi Consortium (TRC) were developed at the Broad Institute, a joint venture between MIT and Harvard, and represent the most comprehensive and thoroughly validated shRNA collection available. 

More information about the library can be found here: MISSION shRNA Information


The shRNA clones could be used in both bacterial plasmid DNA or lentiviral formats to perform robust gene knockdown in a wide range of cells, including non-transfectable and non-dividing cells.

Protocols for RNAi using MISSION shRNA products can be found here:

PDFicon Culturing bacterial stocks

PDFicon Lentiviral transduction

PDFicon Preparation of the lentiviral transduction partcles using packaging plasmid mix

More information about Sigma's current shRNA offerings, RNAi technical workshop and Learning Centre can be found here: Sigma shRNA product Information Page

Services offered

Whole-genome TRC shRNA libraries, individual shRNA clones, or shRNA gene family sets (gene panels) are available to the University of British Columbia researchers at a cost-recovery price of 10CAD/clone (special discount pricing is offered for gene panels and larger orders). The clones are provided as inoculated 0.5 ml bacterial cultures in tube or plate format for pick-up at the NCE. Technical and reagent assistance is available for larger orders.

The searchable list of available shRNA clones can be found here: shRNA Clone Search Tool

A batch search tool to create a gene panel can be found here: shRNA Clone Batch Search Tool

Contact Jenny Moon to order your clones of interest from our facility. Please note that we carry a subset of Sigma's MISSIONTM shRNA library. Check the lists below to see if we carry your TRC no. of interest prior to inquiry.

Human shRNA library

Mouse shRNA library

control plasmid inventory

Jenny Moon

Research Assistant, Foster lab
University of British Columbia
436-2125 East Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4 CANADA

Lab: 604-822-6552
Email: kyungmee [at]


General inquiries about the MISSION libraries and other Sigma products, applications and for technical support should be directed to Tina Thottingal.

Tina Thottingal
Senior Account Development Manager
Academic Research Sales
Sigma-Aldrich Canada
Cell Phone: 778-990-4086
Customer Service: 1-800-565-1400
Email: tina.thottingal [at]