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Proteomics Core Facility

Proteomics Core Facility

Since 2002, the PCF has been providing mass spectrometry and proteomic services to over 35 departments at UBC, as well as other Lower Mainland research labs including universities, non-profit organizations, hospitals, and biotechnology corporations. The facility has grown to include 8 mass spectrometers covering all forms of protein/peptide analysis, as well as robotic digestion and a myriad of upstream fractionation systems. Specializing in characterizing post translational modifications and quantitative proteomics, the facility has the ability to provide comprehensive analysis for a broad range of proteomics projects using the latest techniques. The fee-for-service structure is open to all researchers across North America. Training on specific equipment can also be arranged through the Long Term Collaborators program with web-based calendar booking and hourly rates for self-service.

Please contact our Analytical Specialist, Jason Rogalski (, to arrange for a no-cost consultation.

Located in the NCE building, the PCF is open Mon-Fri, 9 AM to 5 PM PST.  More information, including sample preparation; a description of all analytical services, equipment as well as an electronic submission form can be found on our web page:

PCF Director

Dr. Leonard Foster
Office (NCE 416): 604-822-8311

Laboratory Staff

Jason Rogalski
Office (NCE 344): 604-827-5209

Mailing Address

CHiBI Proteomics Core Facility
Room 345-2125 East Mall
Vancouver BC V6T1Z4 CANADA

Sample drop off (in person ONLY)

Open Mon-Fri, 9 AM-5 PM, PST

CHiBi Proteomics Core Facility
NCE Building, Room 436
2125 East Mall