Dr. Brett Finlay’s Research Featured in the Richmond Sentinel Newspaper

In this article written by Lorraine Graves of the Richmond Sentinel newspaper, Dr. Brett Finlay discusses how gut bacteria may influence the immune system and how it can affect one’s health. Finlay, a Peter Wall Distinguished Professor in the Michael Smith Laboratories, discovered that people who had four specific gut bacteria in their digestive tract had a lower risk of developing asthma. For years, bacteria was seen as “bad” but in fact, some “good” bacteria don’t make people sick, they actually make people healthier. Finlay continued this research and has now collected his findings and published them in a book called, “Let Them Eat Dirt: Saving your Child from an Oversanitized World.” Finlay also continues Dr. Michael Smith’s legacy through his work and was a speaker at the 25th Anniversary Celebration of Michael Smith’s Nobel Prize symposium. 

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