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The Michael Smith Laboratories are home to a wealth of different educational programs that cater to K-12 students, teachers, UBC students, special communities, and the general public.  Largely mediated via an outstanding and well-regarded in-house outreach facility, we are home for many exciting learning opportunities.  From genetic fieldtrips to experimental kits; science teacher conferences to training for researchers; from collaborative programs that mix art with science to events that foster discussion of science’s role in global issues; and to our high impact online initiatives, there’s something for everyone!

Science Education Conferences

Several times a year, the Michael Smith Laboratories welcome over 100 high school students and/or teachers to our teaching facility for a full day science conference. Attend these events and see our outreach programming in full action including keynote sessions by leading researchers, tours of facilities, and a myriad of hands-on activities.

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High School Field Trip Programs

Bring your group of high school students to our very popular field trip programs. Come visit the lab for a fun filled day with games, activities, and authentic experiments. We have two main experiments that you can perform, a genetics field trip aimed at Grade 11/12 students and a bioinformatics field trip aimed at Grade 9 students. Free of charge, register your group early.

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Science Creative Literacy Symposia

Enroll in a fieldtrip program that specifically explores the connections between science and art.  Here, scientists and creative writers are teamed up to deliver an engaging day where Grade 5-7 students perform cool science experiments, and are then guided through activities that promote expository creative writing. Free of charge, but registration is required.

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The Science Creative Quarterly

This is our own online science publication which has attracted writers from places such diverse as McSweeney’s, the New Yorker, and children from our S.C.L.S program.  Having gained a reputation for being one of the best places to publish creative science writing (especially literary science humour), it currently has a readership of close to 15,000 per day. The SCQ is also home to the “Science Scouts,” a virtual community, thousands strong, engaged in the act of “talking science” as highlighted in the Globe and Mail and the New York Times Magazine.

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DIY Resources

Interested in building your own molecular biology lab? Thinking about making a lab-on-a-chip for dessert? Students & faculty at the Michael Smith Laboratories do science with everyday materials like Lego and Jello to bring out the DIY scientist and backyard biologist in everyone.

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