Convergence of Biotechnology Research

Fundamental to the success of the Michael Smith Laboratories has been the establishment of internationally-recognized research programs. Research conducted at the Michael Smith Laboratories includes the development of the world’s first vaccine to reduce the spread of E. coli by cattle, the decoding of the DNA of tree-killing fungus found in the mouth of mountain pine beetles, and developing innovative drugs to treat chronic pain and other therapies. This research has been made possible by the grants received from provincial and federal programs, partnering organizations, as well as from our generous donors.

The Michael Smith Laboratories is an interdisciplinary unit that brings together biologists and engineers to discover innovative solutions to problems of societal importance. The interactive image below shows the driving questions of each research cluster and the faculty members who are working towards solving these issues. Hover over the image to highlight each cluster and their research questions.

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Research Areas by Cluster

The research conducted at the Michael Smith Laboratories is diverse and meaningful. Faculty members work in numerous research areas and are unified by clusters based on specific research keywords. These clusters are what makes the research at the Michael Smith Laboratories unique. 

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