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At UBC’s Michael Smith Laboratories, we are committed to inspiring the next generation of Canadian life sciences leaders. Donations support our outreach programs to the BC community and enable graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to strive for research excellence. Without the generosity of our donors, Michael Smith Laboratories would not be as successful in its research and outreach as it is today. Donations inspire the researchers at Michael Smith Laboratories to aim higher and to connect our communities and youth with science.

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Priority Programs

The Michael Smith Laboratories Graduate and Postdoctoral Fellowship Fund

Throughout his career, Michael Smith advocated on behalf of graduate students and early career scientists. Working in key roles in research institutes, companies, and universities around the globe, graduates from the Michael Smith Laboratories apply their research to help solve fundamental questions facing today’s society.

Your gift will support graduate awards and postdoctoral fellowships. These awards enable the Michael Smith Laboratories to recruit and train the brightest and best, investing in the next generation of biotechnologists and future Nobel Prize recipients. Example areas where the Michael Smith Laboratories are making an impact include cancer genomics, cellular immunity, neurological disorders, solutions for drug delivery, new therapeutics based on biomaterials, gut and plant microbiomes, and response of plants and insects to environmental stress.  

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Outreach Programs/Community Engagement Endowment

Help bring science education to classrooms, both locally and internationally. The Michael Smith Laboratories offer award-winning education and outreach programs to young scientists including lab-based field trips, workshops, and scientific conferences for high school and elementary students. The Lab also provides science translation and communications that reach a broad range of audiences in the general public, professional, and academic context. We help inspire young people to pursue education in areas of STEM and to educate the community in the work that we do. For more information, visit

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The Michael Smith Laboratories aims to offer the latest technologies to our researchers and students. We want to ensure that our team has the necessary infrastructure to conduct their experiments and to succeed in their research. Your donations help ensure that research is continued until the discovery is made.

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How to Give

For sponsorships or corporate donations, please contact Veronika Gorlova, Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives for the Faculty of Science, at or (604)619-4797.

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