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Undergraduate students work in several research laboratories within the Michael Smith Laboratories both during the regular academic year and during the summer.   Interested students should contact a faculty member to determine whether he/she is able to sponsor the student. 

There are also several employment programs available for undergraduate students at UBC (accessible through the academic departments of the MSL faculty).  Some of the programs include:

Work Learn: a wage subsidy program for international students who want to work on campus. 

Work Study: an employment program that provides students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents with the opportunity to work on campus in a variety of jobs and earn additional income to help finance their education.

NSERC USRA:  undergraduate students interested in gaining research experience in an academic setting in one of the following areas of research: biology, chemistry, computer science, earth science, environmental science, math, statistics, physics, psychology, or interdisciplinary studies that bridge these subjects may be eligible for a NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award (USRA).

If you are considering applying for any of these awards please identify a potential supervisor and then apply through one of the departments listed below. :

A complete list of MSL faculty members and their academic departments can be found in the PDF document linked below.

MSL_Faculty_crossappts.pdf13.5 KB