Charles Haynes


Post-Nominal Titles

Charles A. Haynes, PhD, P.Eng., FCIC, FRSC


Professional Profile

  • Canadian Research Chair in Interfacial Biotechnology (Tier 1)
  • University of California, Berkeley, 1991, Ph.D.
  • University of Texas, Austin, 1986, B.Sc.

Research Area

Our lab seeks to improve our understanding of the interfacial, thermodynamic and binding behavior of biomolecular and cellular systems, and to use this fundamental knowledge to invent technologies and instruments.

We have pioneered and licensed a number of technologies to efficiently purify or analyze biologics that have achieved widespread use in the biotechnology industry, including the Fractogel™ line of chromatography media, and TEMPlex™ technology, a sample preparation system for next-generation sequencing that was used by Celera Genomics Inc. in their program to sequence the human genome.

Our lab works on developing models for accurate prediction of stabilities and thermodynamics of natural and chemically modified oligonucleotides and using them to develop technologies for personalized medicine, including improved methods to identify and quantify somatic mutations (SMs) and translocations associated with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.

Research in our lab involves collaborations with engineers, pathologists, chemists, and microbiologists. This collaborative research environment mirrors the multidisciplinary nature of industrial biotechnology and provides a sound foundation for understanding the complex structures and functions of proteins and thus, promising pathways for their purification.

Research Keywords

Biotechnology, genomics, translation, biophysics, bioengineering, biomolecular engineering, enzymology, computational modeling, cell delivery, macromolecular biochemistry, protein chemistry, biomaterials and biomechanics, catalysis, drug delivery, protein design

To learn more about the Haynes Lab, please visit hayneslab.msl.ubc.ca.