Faculty and graduate students receive Killam Awards for excellence in teaching

Awards and recognition

Faculty and graduate students receive Killam Awards for excellence in teaching

Four faculty members and two graduate students are recognized with the 2019-2020 Killam Awards for their outstanding teaching, research and service to the community. As one of six Killam institutions, UBC offers yearly awards from the Killam Endowment Fund to faculty and teaching assistants.

Killam Teaching Prize

The Killam Teaching Prize is awarded annually to faculty nominated by students, colleagues and alumni in recognition of excellence in teaching.


Thibault Mayor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Faculty of Medicine

“I am thrilled and feel very honoured to have received this award that recognizes my contribution to teaching in our department. The ever-evolving knowledge in life science represents a tremendous challenge. While I demand my students to work hard, I want to ensure they can nurture their analytical skills using team-based learning and flip-the-classroom methods. More than ever it is capital that our students not only gain novel knowledge, but also acquire the capacity to synthesize complex information and learn how to rapidly adapt to a new environment where they are sometimes pushed out of their comfort zone.”


Alison Greig, Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine

“As a teacher, I endeavour to foster an environment of participation and engagement, and to challenge students to critically approach problems. I believe it is a privilege to be both a teacher and a health professional, and beyond the content that I teach, I aim to instill an expectation of respect and professionalism.”



Saul Isserow, Medicine, Faculty of Medicine

“This award, to me, recognizes the importance placed on ‘paying it forward’ and is a tribute to those many, many patients, physicians and other colleagues who have educated me over so many years. It’s truly their award, not mine.”




Sean Maurice, Northern Medical Program, Faculty of Medicine

“I feel incredibly honoured to be recognized by UBC with this prestigious Killam Teaching Prize. To me, this award symbolizes the critical importance of teaching and learning, and the value of having an adventurous approach to both. It also emphasizes the importance of collaborating across institutions and in community, and sustaining a provincial medical school.”



Killam Graduate Teaching Assistant Award

UBC annually awards teaching prizes to UBC teaching assistants in recognition of the valuable role that they play in undergraduate programs.


Laura Bulk, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, Faculty of Medicine

“I am blessed to know that the work I’m doing as a teacher has made a difference in the lives of learners. What an honour to be part of someone’s learning journey! This award is a testament to the gracious support I’ve received from mentors, teachers, and learners. I owe them many thanks.”



Jeanie Malone, Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Applied Science and Faculty of Medicine

“It is an honour to receive such a prestigious award. It has been a pleasure to work with so many excellent UBC faculty and students. I am very thankful to have had the chance to watch, learn, and participate in the evolution of curriculum. I feel much more connected to my fellow graduate students – there’s nothing like being part of a team to help grow connections.”


This article was originally published by the Faculty of Medicine