Four MSL faculty receive Spring 2023 CIHR Project Grants

Four MSL faculty have been awarded Spring 2023 Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) Project Grants, Drs. Anna Blakney, Harry Brumer, Martin Hirst and Thibault Mayor. This funding competition awarded approximately $325M across Canada with 381 research grants and 12 bridge grants. The research projects undertaken by MSL faculty span a diverse range of areas from RNA therapeutics to the human gut microbiome, neurodegenerative diseases and cancer research. Each of these research projects has the potential to positively impact human health outcomes. A total of 50 projects led by UBC researchers were awarded $37 million in combined funding through this competition. 

Left to Right, top to bottom: Drs. Anna Blakney, Harry Brumer, Martin Hirst, Thibault Mayor

Project details: 

Dr. Anna Blakney 
Engineering next-generation self-amplifying RNA therapeutics encoding bispecific T cell engager (BiTE) antibodies for treatment of ovarian cancer 
Principal Investigator(s): Blakney, Anna (Michael Smith Laboratories) 
Co-investigator(s): Huntsman, David G; McNagny, Kelly M 
Research Institution: University of British Columbia 
Development and evaluation of novel nanoparticle formulations for therapeutic genome editing 
Principal Investigators: Ross, Colin J (Pharmaceutical Sciences); Blakney, Anna (Michael Smith Laboratories, School of Biomedical Engineering) 
Co-investigators: Cullis, Pieter R; Dellaire, Graham P; Hafeli, Urs O; Hedtrich, Sarah; Kumar, Ujendra; Li, Shyh-Dar; Rodrigues, Brian B; Salvarinova, Ramona; Velenosi, Thomas J 

Dr. Harry Brumer 
Dissecting the molecular basis of dietary fibre metabolism by beneficial Bacteroidetes of the human gut microbiota 
Principal Investigator: Brumer, Harry (Michael Smith Laboratories)

Dr. Martin Hirst 
Translating Epigenomics into Clinical Care for Synovial Sarcoma 
Principal Investigator: Nielsen, Torsten O (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine) 
Co-investigators: Hirst, Martin; Underhill, Michael

Dr. Thibault Mayor 
Elucidation of the client repertoires and functions of the two related DNAJB6 and B8 co-chaperones 
Principal Investigator: Mayor, Thibault (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)


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