Room 102: Lecture Theatre

Capacity: 100 seated

  • Ceiling HD 1080p Panasonic projector
  • Cabling for HDMI, VGA, and composite video
  • Projection Screen
  • AV sound system with ceiling speakers
  • Lecture podium
  • Theatre chairs
  • UBC wireless networks available

Wireless microphones, pointers, clickers, and laptops available for sign-out from reception.

Non-MSL groups that require assistance for A/V, please contact UBC IT directly.

Rental Fees:

Fees are charged for after-hour access (outside 8:30AM – 4:30PM)
1 hour – $150.00
Up to 4 hours – $275.00
Greater than 4 hours – $450.00


 The Michael Smith Laboratories reserve the right to invoice a minimum fee of $50 if the following conditions are not met.

 Terms of use

  • Absolutely NO food or drink is to be brought into the theater.
  • Room bookings cannot exceed the seating capacity of the room due to fire regulations.
  • Any damage of equipment and/or furniture must be reported immediately. Repair or replacement cost will be charged to the organizer and future bookings may be refused or restricted.
  • Room bookings are schedule to begin and end of the hour or half-hour. Your event should end 10 min prior to the scheduled end time to allow for transition to the next booking.
  • The projector, speakers and power cords will not be adjusted in any way.
  • No posters or signs will be taped to the wooden doors leading into the Lecture Theatre.
  • No posters or signs will be taped on the Nobel Lecture display.