The Michael Smith Laboratories gain three new researchers

In 2011, the Michael Smith Laboratories welcomed Drs. Harry Brumer, Christian Kastrup, and Nobuhiko Tokuriki to the team.

The focus of Dr. Brumer’s research is to understand the way in which particular enzymes act to alter the structure of polysaccharides found in biomass (especially plant cell walls and wood fibers) and to harness these enzymes for application.

Dr. Kastrup brings outstanding expertise in the analysis of the blood clotting network and chemical engineering techniques for the exploitation of clotting for biomaterials production. His recent work focuses on the development of vascular paints for repairing weakened or damaged blood vessels. 

Dr. Tokuriki’s research expertise lies in the targeted evolution of enzymes and how they engineer new functions. Dr. Tokuriki’s ability to manipulate protein structure and function is a key aspect for engineering new proteins, metabolic pathways, and organisms.

Harry BrumerChristian KastrupNobuhiko Tokuriki

Pictured (L-R): Harry Brumer, Christian Kastrup, and Nobuhiko Tokuriki.