Christian Kastrup

Affiliate Professor


Professional Profile

  • Ph.D., University of Chicago Postdoctoral fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Area

Our group utilizes biochemical engineering to solve problems related to hemostasis and thrombosis. We investigate, utilize, and mimic the biochemistry and biophysical dynamics of blood coagulation to create innovative materials that perform new functions inside of blood vessels, and work to develop novel treatments for severe hemorrhage. We use a variety of biochemical assays, genetic engineering tools, blood samples, biomaterial synthesis, microfluidics, imaging, and small and large animal models to answer the following research questions.

Lab Research Questions

  1. What new technologies are needed to halt bleeding in the most severe cases of hemorrhage?
  2. Can platelets be genetically modified to enhance their hemostatic activity, or targeted to treat Alzheimer’s Disease?
  3. Can clot stability be altered to treat hemorrhage or thrombosis?
  4. Do soil and microbes in wounds influence bleeding?

Research Keywords

Biochemistry, biotechnology, biological imaging, translation, biophysics, bioengineering, biomolecular engineering, enzymology, protein regulation, gene/cell therapy systems, cell delivery, microfluidics, biomaterials and biomechanics, drug delivery

To learn more about the Kastrup Lab, please visit kastruplab.msl.ubc.ca.