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Room Booking

Submit your room booking request to the Michael Smith Laboratories by using the form below.  For more information on what is availabe in each of our rooms view the Audio / Visual Systems section.

Outside Groups

The Michael Smith Laboratories has 2 large rooms 101 Multipurpose and 102 Lecture Theatre which are available free of charge to the UBC research and academic community depending on availability. Booking of the two larger rooms is normally reserved for special lectures, workshops, and other one-of-a-kind scientific events that cannot be accommodated by Classroom Services.

MSL Personnel

In addition to the 2 large rooms 101 Multipurpose and 102 Lecture Theatre, the meeting rooms MSL 174, MSL 203, MSL 226, MSL 237, MSL 303, MSL 337, NCE 302, NCE 347, and NCE 403 are available to Michael Smith Laboratories personnel. 

The application that keeps track of our room bookings is only accessible through the Michael Smith Laboratories wired networks. If you are inside our network then you can view room availability at

Contact Info

Non-UBC Groups will be charged for room rental, please check the current rental rates before booking.

Policy: Non-MSL groups are only allowed to book within 6 weeks of booking start date and is available during office hours 8:30am - 4:30pm.

Event Start
Priority is given to MSL researchers.
Event End
Event Details
  • 101 Multipurpose & 102 Lecture Theatre
    Bookings are available to MSL personnel, external UBC groups and scientific vendors
  • MSL 174, MSL 203, MSL 226, MSL 237, MSL 303, MSL 337, NCE 302, NCE 347, and NCE 403
    Bookings are
    only available to MSL personnel
Approximate number of expected attendees.
There are no projectors in the NCE meeting rooms. If you want a projector you must say yes to this question.
Video Conferencing

When scheduling a video conference we require you to arrive at least 30 minutes before your presentation is scheduled to start so we can have time to troubleshoot any issues that may arise in the setup.  If necessary, please modify your booking time to accommodate this.

For information on our Polycom video conferencing system please visit our conferencing page.

The name of the remote group or institution we will be connecting to.
Contact information for the person or group in charge of setting up the remote video conference system.
The network address of the remote system you will be connecting to. This is either an IP address (ex. 111.222.333.444) or domain name (ex.

UBC Groups, provide speedchart and account code for after hour room rentals, conferencing systems, or IT Support

Non-UBC Groups, provide name and address information to be invoiced.

Please enter any extra information we should know about your event or any questions you would like answered.
Terms of Use
  • Provide either UBC speedchart or name and address for booking fees.
  • The room will be left clean after my meeting, including the disposal of food, drink bottles, utensils and wiping the table(s) clean.
  • The room will be returned to its original configuration immediately following my meeting.
  • I will ensure that no food or drink is brought into the Lecture Theatre (room 102).
  • No posters or signs will be taped to the wood doors leading into the Lecture Theatre or on the Nobel Lecture display.
  • All signs put up for my event (on entrance doors, etc) will be removed immediately following my event.
  • The data projector, speakers and power cords will not be adjusted in any way.
  • I will be invoiced if charges are incurred for the removal of coffee or food stains, or repairing damaged furniture or equipment.
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