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The exceptional breadth of expertise among Michael Smith Laboratories faculty reaches from tissue engineering to medical diagnostics, and explores organisms as diverse as bacteria, worms, mice and trees. This powerful blend of strengths and resources creates unique opportunities for cross-disciplinary approaches to the full range of exciting biotechnology issues. Many of the faculty are highly regarded leaders in their field, garnering numerous national and international awards. The research of the faculty is loosely divided between the five areas listed below. To learn more about an individual faculty members' research, use the links to go to their homepages:

Human Health and 

Bioengineering and 
Bioanalytical Technologies

Plant Biology, Agricultural
and Forestry Genomics

Dr. H. Brumer
Dr. B. Finlay
Dr. L. Foster 
Dr. J. Gsponer
Dr. P. Hieter
Dr. M. Hirst (Associate Director)
Dr. W. Jefferies
Dr. C. Kastrup
Dr. J. Kronstad 
Dr. T. Mayor
Dr. P. Pavlidis
Dr. T. Snutch
Dr. S. Withers  

Dr. H. Brumer
Dr. C. Hansen
Dr. C. Haynes (Associate Director)
Dr. C. Kastrup
Dr. D. Kilburn (Emeritus)
Dr. J. Piret
Dr. N. Tokuriki
Dr. R. Turner
Dr. S. Withers
Dr. P. Zandstra (Director) 

Dr. J. Bohlmann
Dr. H. Brumer
Dr. B. Ellis (Emeritus)
Dr. L. Foster
Dr. C. Haney
Dr. J. Kronstad 
Dr. X. Li (Associate Director)

Computational BiologyLearning and Science Education

Dr. J. Gsponer
Dr. M. Hirst
Dr. P. Pavlidis

Dr. D. Ng
Dr. J. Fox


Associate Members

The Michael Smith Laboratories is fortunate to have a strong group of associate faculty members whose expertise further strengthens the linkages between the Lab and the academic departments.

Plant BiotechnologyComputational BiologyGenome BiologyProtein ChemistryBiological Engineering
Dr. G. Haughn
Dr. L. Kunst
Dr. J. Bryan Dr. H. van Vuuren
Dr. S. Jones
Dr. M. Marra
Dr. V. Measday
Dr. D. Moerman
Dr. N. Strynadka
Dr. L. McIntosh
Dr. A. Marziali