Carl Hansen

Adjunct Professor


  • Michael Smith Laboratories

Research Area

Our group conducts cross-disciplinary research aimed at the development and application of microfluidic technology for basic and applied biomedical research.  The overarching theme of our research is the development of technologies for single-cell analysis, including live cell imaging, secretion assays, and genomics.  These tools are being applied in fields of stem cell science, immunology, and cancer biology.

Research Questions

  1. How can we better harness natural immune responses to treat infection and disease?
  2. What is the contribution of genomic heterogeneity in cancer progression and responses?
  3. Can we predict and direct immune responses to create more effective vaccines?

Research Keywords

Microfluidics, genomics,  immunology, biotechnology, bioinformatics,  translation, bioengineering, biomolecular engineering, drug discovery, infectious disease, gene/cell therapy systems

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