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Carl Hansen

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Carl Hansen

Associate Professor

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Physics and Astronomy
Michael Smith Laboratories

Research Area

Research Interests:

Our group conducts cross-disciplinary research aimed at the development and application of microfluidic technology for high-throughput biology. In particular we are exploiting new advances in large scale microfluidic integration to address bottlenecks in genomics, proteomics, and cell biology. This work naturally lies at the interface of the physical sciences, engineering, and biology. Therefore, students will have the opportunity to work in a highly interdisciplinary environment and to collaborate with researchers from varied academic departments and with industry.

Current Areas of Research:

Three areas of research are single cell manipulation and analysis, new methods for precise and sensitive diagnostics, and technologies for proteomics and genomics. A variety of research projects are being pursued in each of these areas.

Potential Graduate Students or Postdoctoral Fellows:

If you are interested in working in the Hansen lab, please send your current CV to Carmen de Hoog via e-mail to carmen[at] or in the mail to:

Dr. Carmen de Hoog
Centre for High-Throughput Biology
2125 East Mall, Rm 346
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4

Selected Publications:

Link to full list of Hansen Lab publications