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Dr. James Kronstad appointment as the Power Corporation Fellow

We are pleased to announce CIFAR Fellow James Kronstad’s appointment as the Power Corporation Fellow.

The Power Corporation of Canada, an international management and financial services company, has been a valued donor to Canadian Institute for Advanced Research (CIFAR) since 1987, contributing over $3 million to support research. One of their key charitable pillars is supporting the protection of ecosystems and biodiversity.

“Power Corporation has a strong interest in initiatives that intersect with climate change and environmental sustainability,” said Paul Genest, Senior Vice-President, Power Corporation. “Jim Kronstad is a world-renowned microbiologist and immunologist at the University of British Columbia, whose research and its applications are vital to the health of all living beings and our planet.”

Kronstad’s current research is on fungi that threaten human health as plant pathogens that challenge crop production or as direct agents of infectious diseases. He is a member of CIFAR’s Fungal Kingdom: Threats & Opportunities program, which brings together expertise in genetics, medicine, epidemiology, ecology and mycology to focus on this critical, emerging field of study.

CIFAR is delighted to continue their strong partnership with Power Corporation and look forward to the insights and discoveries Kronstad will continue to share with the CIFAR community, Canada, and the world as the Power Corporation Fellow.


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