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Christian Kastrup

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Christian Kastrup

Assistant Professor

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2185 East Mall Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z4



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Assistant Professor: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Member: Centre for Blood Research Associate member: Biomedical Engineering Program

Professional Profile

Ph.D., University of Chicago Postdoctoral fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Area

Understanding the dynamics of biochemical networks is important for understanding life at the systems level and has practical implications for Medicine, Engineering, Biology, and Chemistry. The complex network of hemostasis consists of over 100 coupled reactions and has the death-defying function of regulating blood coagulation. Research in my laboratory focuses on three problems related to blood coagulation: i) understanding the biophysical mechanisms by which blood clots form and degrade, ii) controlling these processes to eliminate unwanted coagulation, and iii) using coagulation as a scaffold for delivering therapeutics to diseased vasculature. This research lies at the interface of Chemical Biology, Bioengineering and Medicine. The techniques we use include microfluidics, reconstituted protein systems, biomaterial synthesis, numerical simulations, and disease models of coagulation and atherosclerosis. For more information, please visit the Kastrup Lab website: Complete Biomedical Publication List at PubMed: